Biosafety Cabinet
Biosafety Cabinets are vital for microbiological and biomedical research as they help create a controlled surrounding to ensure that both the researchers safety remains intact and so does that of our environment. These cabinets are kept in sterile conditions with HEPA filters that keep harmful microorganisms from escaping.
Modular Clean Room
Modular Clean Room facilities provide advanced controlled environments for industries that demand high standards of cleanliness. These very flexible spaces are made based on modular construction techniques, which allow for easy design changes and quick setting up.
Pass Box
Pass Box units are enclosed reactors intended for the regulated transport of materials between cleanrooms or controlled environments, thus reducing contamination risks. These stainless steel or powder-coated enclosures, featuring interlocking doors that afford a protected passage to items ensure the integrity of sensitive environments by preventing contaminants.
Laboratory Furniture
Laboratory Furniture is carefully made to fit the rigorous demands of scientific spaces. These furnishings are crafted carefully keeping in mind precision as well as functionality; and they are made to accommodate storage, work surfaces, and support of equipment all at once. 
HEPA Filter
Advanced air purification systems are known as HEPA Filters that assist in trapping and eliminating microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, mold spores and even bacteria from the air. These filters use a dense mesh of fibers to provide the best air quality possible as particles with sizes down to 0.3 microns.
Laminar Airflow
Laminar Airflow Cabinets give a sterile atmosphere because air is applied in one direction where it clears out contaminants and contains filtered air that passes freely on. Designed for use in laboratories and cleanrooms, these cabinets guarantee a workspace free of particles safeguarding sensitive processes.
Static Pass Box
Static Pass Box cabinets are required in controlled environments where materials can be safely transferred between clean rooms. These cabinets are ideal for pharmaceutical and electronics industries since they maintain high standards of hygiene which makes transfer of materials within these critical environs easier.
Dispensing Booth
Dispensing Booths are closed controlled rooms where they can safely handle and dispense pharmaceutical, chemical or other substances. They have a transparent front panel which allows for their visibility and accessibility while keeping the operator away from materials that are being disbursed.
Puf Panel boards stand for polyurethane foam panels are innovative construction materials due to their unique characteristics of great thermal properties. They are great for a wide range of applications and promote sustainable, cost-effective construction.
Fume Hood
Fume Hood cabinets are vital safety equipment in laboratories to protect researchers from dangerous fumes and airborne pollutants. These are durable cabinets with a front sash for easy access, effective air extraction systems, and adjustable airflow controls. Fume Hood cabinets provide secure environments for experiments and chemical handling in scientific setups.
Coating Services
As a prominent industry leader, we specialize in providing top-tier Coating Services. Our expert team employs cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality coatings that enhance the durability and aesthetics of various types of surfaces. 
Air Shower
Air shower units are essential cleanroom components designed to minimize contamination risks. Employed in controlled environments, these units feature high-velocity jets of filtered air that effectively remove particulate matter from personnel and materials entering the cleanroom.

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